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If any of ya'll read my journal then you all probably know that I'm obsessed with my ex bf who is a total jerk..I posted a entry in my journal..you can read if you like..Right now I'm reading Emily's journal and it's ticking me off soo badly..she seems soo stupid..
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hey, I went through almost the same thing! well, not really, cuz it wasn't my ex. but this boy that I'm absolutely in love with got this new girlfriend, so I was a little upset... and then I started reading her LJ and she seemed like SUCH A FLIPPING TWIT and stupid and whoreish and I was so so upset about it all... I started talking to her on AIM and she still seemed horrible and they had NOTHING in common... and I worship this boy, he's interesting and has such a great personality and everything... I was so confused as to why he liked this girl cuz I thought he could do so much better... I was devestated for months. and he lives halfway across the country, so there's nothing I could do about it. oh! and another thing. we had met about 6 months earlier and totally clicked, we both really like each other and we would date if we weren't so far apart, so yknow, naturally it upset me to see him with someone else. cuz I'm just a stupid selfish jealous bitch. and it made things weird between us, etc. yeah. it sucks. I eventually got used to her and she kinda grew on me, but I never was 100% happy with them being together. but yknow, people change. they broke up. I still talk to her even though I don't have to out of politeness or anything, cuz we're kinda friends. meh. I don't know what you're supposed to get out of my story, I just felt like sharing, cuz I kinda know how you feel. while I'm talking, I might as well say that this particular boy, who lives so far away and who I'm hopelessly in love with, is named Matthew and I talk about him ALL THE TIME. if you want to hear magical tales of his wonderfulness, IM me (ZelgadiswaKawaii) and I'll be happy to share. I can go on for HOURS though, so be warned. and some of it is horribly dirty, but I can leave that out if you'd like. :X

um, this probably should have been an entry in itself. o.O

I hope you enjoyed the rambling.

and hey, welcome to the community! >.<

I'm glad someone knows how I feel I was talking to a buddy of mine and I was like "Noone has no idea of the sorrow I feel"

I shall add you to my buddy list..then we can swap stories..

thanx for the welcoming..