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What really tips my cork screw..whatever that means..

Ya know what really makes me mad..when ever I go to the bathroom and someone had tinkled all over the potty chair..It's very nasty..why do they do it? WHY CAN'T THEY JUST WIPE IT OFF???

One of these days I'm gonna put the lid down and peepee all over it then walk away and just leave it there..Maybe they'll learn their lesson..see how much they like cleaning up someones urine..
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when i try to leave a witty comment in response to that and lj instead fucks me in the ass as tells me i can't.
Yeah I know what you mean! Lj does that to me all the time..sometimes it takes me to this cannot find server thing, or I get this real annoying thing that says "cannot determine post from arguments..*gurgles* I really hate that..
and then you go back and you're like "oh I'll just try again" and it deleted your comment and you have to type it again. it especially pisses me off when it does that when I'm trying to post a whole entry. and it's just gone. fuckin commie bastards!
thats why i keep a big fat sharpie marker in my purse...to write on the wall "if you are gonna piss on the seat, use the forking mens room!"

i think that if you really wanna make a lasting impression you should take a doodie on the lid...and then light in on fire...FIIRE.
lmfao...FIRE!! I must say that is a booty-ful idea!!
hehe i dont know you and i just realized that...um yeah i typed the wrong user name in! silly me..but thats ok as long as operation doodie fire is appriciated im coo...
lmao...thats totally groovy!

I'm all for operation doodie fire!

And you is coo!
ha i like you already
hah! Yer all kick ass too! Dogs rock!! They create doodie that you can put in bags and light on fire on peoples door steps...dogs are cool as balls!!